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Personnel’s Activities Gallery

Hydropower Patent Knowledge Sharing in PLN-E (PLN Enjiniring)
Hydropower Patent Knowledge Sharing in Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investments Affairs (Menko Marinves)
Hydropower pre-Development – Hyundai E&C
Hydropower pre-Development – Kab. Poso
Hydropower pre-Development – Kab. Poso
Solar PV Project (Investment Ready to Offer) – Kab. Lebak

PT Adi Candra Teknologi Work Sample

Topograhy Survey
River cross section
River Discharge Measurement

Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) Mapping
Geological Analysis
Solar PV Technical and Financial Modeling
Interconnection Study / Grid Impact Study
Hydrology Study
Pre-Development, Legal and Administration

Turbine Design and Sizing