PT Adi Candra Awarded Grid Impact Assessment for Sibundong Hydropower Plant

PT Tapanuli Hydro Energy (THE) has awarded PT Adi Candra Teknologi (Adi Candra) to perform Grid Impact Study (Interconnection Study) for Sibundong Hydropower Plant located in Sumatera Island. The project will represent a significant contribution to Indonesia’s effort in green energy transition.

The Sibundong hydropower project is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) project being developed and currently owned by PT Tapanuli Hydro Energy (operator) and RH International (Singapore). This project is a run of river hydroelectric power plant, located in Sibundong river, North Sumatra Province.

Adi Candra has been appointed to conduct a grid impact study for the large scale run of river hydropower plant, and this grid impact study will run concurrently with the update of feasibility study, and adhere to the PLN and MEMR (ESDM) standards and grid codes.

In indonesia, Adi Candra has experience in the development of various hydropower plants and solar PV farms, totalling for over 500 MW of renewable energy and power sector project. Combining Adi Candra’s position as one of the emerging renewable energy local consultants in Indonesia, with its in-depth knowledge of Indonesia electrical power system, as well as regulatory knowledge in power plant deveopment, makes Adi Candra an established organization to support sustainable energy transition in Indonesia.

PT Adi Candra Teknologi

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