Hydrological Survey and Analysis for Hydropower Plant

One of the most important process of developing a hydropower plant, either it is large-scale hydropower plant (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Air, PLTA), or small-scale hydropower (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mini Hidro, PLTM), or micro-scale hydropower (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mikro Hidro, PLTMH), is the accuracy of the water resource availability.

Usually hydrological survey study is a part of Feasibility Study , In conducting a hydrological study and survey for a Hydropower Plant (HPP), a consultant measure and assess following :

  • Water Resources in the location, such as river flow measurement survey
  • Flow Pattern
  • Hydrological characteristics

The importance of Hydrological Study for hydropower plant

  • Hydrological survey and study is one of the main way to verify the available secondary data, which is typically not accurate in some of the regions in Indonesia.
  • Hydrological analysis will provide design parameters for the hydropower plant, such as dam height, reservoir capacity, and turbine capacity, based on the water resources and flow characteristics
  • The data obtained for this study is river discharge (from measurement post or pos duga air), rainfall data (from rain gauges), water quality data (direct measurement for sedimentation, etc.)

Process of Hydrological Study and Survey for hydropower plant

  • Preliminary Assessment: mapping of available data post from the available and existing infrastructure
  • Data collection, such as rainfall records data, river flow data, and topographic maps
  • Hydrological modeling, in order to simulate water flow patterns, predict water flow availability, and thus to assess the potential energy generation
Mapping of Available Data Post, Work Example by PT. Adi Candra Teknologi Personnel

Expected Hydrological Study Results

Following metrics are expected for a hydrological study:

  • Catchment Area at the dam site
  • Annual Rainfall in the watershed area, and the reference points
  • Mean discharge of river
  • Design flood values (2 year, 20 year, 100 year, 200 year, 500 year)
  • Flow Duration Analysis and Curve

PT Adi Candra Teknologi Experiences in Feasibility Study

At Adi Candra Teknologi, we’ve done hydrology study for government entity, private investor, national consulting engineering company, and also international engineering consultant company. For more details about the work we have done, please visit the our Portofolio Page.

Furthermore, we are one of the local consultants in Indonesia that provides engineering pre-Feasibility Study, and Feasibility Study services of sustainable energy projects, such as:

  • Hydropower Plant
  • Solar PV Plant
  • Biomass / Biogas Production Site
  • Waste to Energy Project

Our team consist of many experts along many fields, starting from geology, topography, mechanical-electrical, hydrology, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Should you need more information or requesting more details about study above, please do not hesitate to contact us via this page or email us to consulting@adicandra.com.

PT Adi Candra Teknologi

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