Grid Impact Study / Interconnection Study

Grid impact studies are assessments carried out to evaluate the potential impact of new power generation projects on the existing electrical grid infrastructure. These studies are crucial for ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of the power grid when integrating new sources of electricity.

Grid impact studies typically analyze various factors such as voltage stability, power flow, short-circuit analysis, harmonic distortion, and protection coordination. The studies help identify any potential issues or challenges that may arise from connecting new power generation facilities to the grid. This includes assessing the need for grid upgrades, determining the optimal connection points, and evaluating the impact on system reliability.

In Indonesia, PLN conducts grid impact studies to assess the impact of new power plants, renewable energy projects, and transmission infrastructure expansions on the existing grid network. These studies are essential for PLN to make informed decisions regarding grid expansion and ensure the integration of new power sources into the electrical system while maintaining grid stability and reliability.

Grid Impact Study / Interconnection Study can be done by Indonesian local engineering consultants, such as Adi Candra Teknologi , which already done various study in Sumatera system, Jawa-Bali system, East Kalimantan system, and Central Sulawesi system. Should you looking for grid impact or interconnection study consultant for your project in Indonesia, please contact us or send email to

Grid Impact Study / Interconnection Study as pre-requisite for PT. PLN’s pre-qualification (DPT, “Daftar Penyedia Terseleksi”).

Should any developer / entity are planning to participate in Indonesia’s electricity market via Independent Power Producer (IPP) mechanism, according to PLN Qualification Document (DPT.PLTM/2021), “Studi Interkoneksi” or interconnection study and pre-Feasibility Study / Feasibility study must be included in the DPT application form.

Adi Candra Teknologi approach in conducting Grid Impact Study / Interconnection Study

Our experts in electric power engineering refers to the guidance from PT. PLN (Pedoman Penyambungan Pembangkit Listrik EBT), which is in accordance to the National’s Grid Code (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource Law No. 20, 2020), while also coordinating with local PLN stakeholder. Depending on the power plant location, following factor will be considered:

  • Existing and Projected Electric Power supply and demand
  • Grid Single Line Diagram Structure and load flow
  • System rating
  • Proposed power plant interconnection scenarios
  • Losses / Gain due to proposed power plant
  • Grid stability analysis, short circuit analysis, small signal analysis, and contingency analysis, system operating limit

Software used in Grid Impact Study / Interconnection Study

Depends on the region, the study can be done with ETAP, DigSILENT, or PSS-E

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