Sustainable Power Plant Site Development

For any entity or developer who wish to participate in Indonesia’s electric power market through the Independent Power Producer (IPP) scheme, there are many technical and regulatory pre-requisite that needs to be navigated first, in order to properly plan and allocate resources for a site development. In accordance to the long term planning of Indonesia’s government to achieve net zero emission in 2060, sustainable power plant such as hydropower and solar power plant are projected to provide most of the nation’s electricity source in the future.

The business process for participating in electric power market in Indonesia as IPP is shown below.

As shown in the image, there are many regulatory body and requirements in order to develop sustainable power plant in Indonesia. The process outside of the development itself could take few years. Therefore, it is important to pick a local consultant partner who is experienced and already familiar with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Sustainable Power Plant such as Hydropower or Solar PV Plant development and regulatory assistance can be done by Indonesian local engineering consultants, such as Adi Candra Teknologi , which already done various development in Sumatera system, Jawa-Bali system, East Kalimantan system, and Central Sulawesi system. Should you looking for grid impact or interconnection study consultant for your project in Indonesia, please contact us or send email to

Expected Phase of Sustainable Power Plant / Hydropower / Solar PV Plant development in Indonesia

Before an entity become an Independent Power Producer and have the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), they needs to be pre-qualified by PT. PLN (as electric power operator), and got into list of qualified entity “Daftar Penyedia Terseleksi / DPT”. There are many requirements and checklist for the DPT submission, which mainly involves process such as:

  • Potential site pre-survey documents and preliminary study
  • Site visit and coordinate with local stakeholders
  • pre-Feasibility Study of the site
  • Local permit submission for local area recommendation
  • Further Study (Feasibility Study)
  • DPT Selection
  • Governor’s recommendation
  • Tender process in PT. PLN
  • PPA

If you wish to learn more about the development of sustainable power plant in Indonesia, please reach us at contact us page or email us at

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