Qualification Document Summary for Mini Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) Independent Power Producer (IPP) Project

What is Selected Providers List or DPT PT.PLN ?

PT. PLN Published a document regarding the qualification for Daftar Penyedia Terseleksi (DPT) or Selected Providers List (pre-qualification) for PLTM development in Indonesia. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines and procedures for the submission of Qualification Documents related to the Private Power Plant Project (IPP) Mini Hydro Power Plant.

Note for Prospective Investor or Developer in Sustainable Energy Industry

For the prospective investors or developer, this pre-qualification process is necessary in order to participate in the electric power market in Indonesia. The main takeaway from the document are:

  • The Qualification Document is not an agreement, open tender, or invitation by PLN or any government agency or representative to the participants or other parties.
  • The document aims to obtain a Selected Providers List (DPT) for companies interested in developing IPP Mini Hydro Power Plants.
  • The document may not contain all the information needed or desired by the participants, and they are responsible for conducting their own investigation and analysis.
  • PLN does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in the document and disclaims any liability or duty towards the participants.
  • Statements or warranties made by PLN are only valid in written agreements and subject to limitations and restrictions stated therein.

What Document Usually Needed for DPT Submission?

In the addition of the administrative documents typically needed for identifying the technical, business, and administrative capabilities of the prospective investors or developers, typically prospective investor need local consultant support in providing supporting technical documents in regard to the Mini Hydro Power (PLTM) data, such as pre-feasibility study, pre-development permits, and grid impact study.

Feasibility Study Survey

Pre-Development Permit Process

The data and studies listed above, can be done by Indonesian local engineering consultants, such as Adi Candra Teknologi , which already done various study in Sumatera system, Jawa-Bali system, East Kalimantan system, and Central Sulawesi system. Should you looking for grid impact or interconnection study consultant for your project in Indonesia, please contact us or send email to consulting@adicandra.com.

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